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Driven by love, heartache, and an undying passion to share her music with the world, Taylor Belle exudes the true soul and depth only a star could possess. An infinite dreamer and creator, at just 20 years old, Taylor is the definition of self made- working night and day to perfect her craft and leave her mark in the hearts of all who encounter her and her music.


Rising from New York City as a true revolutionary, she holds an insatiable desire to connect to her fans and strives to use her platform to inspire others who like her, thought life could never turn around for the better. In the past year, Taylor has quickly made a name for herself, with her single ‘Fucked Up’ garnering over 250,000 streams in the past 6 months as well as her most recent collaboration ‘Relax’ hitting over 100,000 views on Youtube.


Recently coming off of her first nationwide shows, She has touched stages and hearts in California, Texas and more these past months- performing alongside artists such as T-Pain and Abby Jasmine. Taylor continues her musical growth and spends all of her time off stage working coast to coast with up and coming artists, producers and legends as driven as herself. 


Right now you can find her at home base gearing up for future shows and crafting her upcoming project




'Relax' Music Video

'Dimensions' Lyric Video