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Taylor Belle Releases Her Debut EP, "Loved & Lost"

19-year old singer/songwriter Taylor Belle released her highly anticipated debut project today; a 4-song EP titled Loved & Lost. Belle, who has built a social media following of over 20,000 through her message of self-love, and performances across many venues throughout NYC with artists such as Call Me Karizma, Kenny Holland, Sammy Wilk, Taylor Caniff, and Nick Tangorra, came out of the gate strong with this EP. With Loved & Lost, Taylor says she hoped to create a project that “tells [her] story. A story that many others have experienced or are currently going through.”

A perfect model for the narrative of young love, Taylor shares her experiences with the highs and lows of the passion, pain, and maturing that come with falling for someone. Loved & Lost was written and pieced together as the project that she wished she could’ve listened to during this period of her life, with each song representing a specific stage of her experience. She believes that her debut will help many others through their own run-ins with love and loss, and serve as a staple for her fanbase to forever hold onto.


Loved & Lost is available now on all streaming platforms.


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